Monday, May 7, 2012

An update

Poor neglected blog.  It is fairly low on my list of priorites so when life gets busy it just falls off the radar. 

April was a super busy month with university assignments, an Easter camping trip to Mount Gambier, 2 weddings and a 40th birthday.

Things have calmed down a bit now and I have a university essay due soon so I am procrastinating by writing this.  It's amazing how important unimportant jobs become when there is a deadline looming.

My biggest job for April was to finish the three flowergirl dresses for my sister's wedding.    They turned out beautifully and the girls looked gorgeous.

The 40th birthday was a dress up party.  We had to go as something beginning with the first letter of our first name.  I chose goldilocks.  I sewed the dress and bought a wig - costume done! 

Chris went as a cosmonaut.  I didn't make his costume though.  I just wanted to put in a picture  because it makes me laugh.

I also finished Reuben's blanket.  I love how it turned out and I'm glad it's finished so I can move onto my next project which is finishing this jumper for me I started last Winter. 

I've also been sewing some clothes for the girls and myself, but I haven't taken any pictures yet so they'll have to wait for the next update.


  1. Hi Gill, your creativity is the flowergirl dresses and that blanket is a work of art. The dress up outfits are awesome :)

  2. Beautiful flowergirl dresses and your blanket looks fab.

  3. You may not have been blogging much but you've sure been making lots! And that's the important thing, I think, when you're a creative person. Love the bridesmaids dresses - so elegant and beautiful. The blanket is so clever, something I admire but can't do myself :-)

  4. wow, you are a whirlwind - wonderful energy. i relate to your blog coming last sometimes - i have been trying to find time for mine.


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