Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Precious little people

We try to keep our kids safe.  We remind them about looking both ways before crossing the road, and tell them not to run inside, and stay away from the hot oven.

But accidents happen.

Rory has had approximately 472 falls off his scooter.  And today on the 473rd fall he got hurt.  Really hurt.

Which is devastating as a Mum.  To know that no matter how hard you try you just can't keep them safe all the time.  He was wearing his helmet.  He was stopping at the corners.  He was looking for cars reversing out of driveways.  He wasn't racing.  But he hit a dodgy paver and went flying and somehow the scooter ended up whacking him in the forehead.

Blood!  A fountain of blood!  And tears!

He is fine.  As fine as you can be after 4 stitches and concussion.  He was so brave.  And I held my shit together quite well at the hospital but now I'm losing it.  I can handle the coughs and the colds and the bee stings and the gastro.  But I'm not cut out for this ER business.

They are so vulnerable.  And the what ifs are torture.  What if he'd whacked his teeth.  What if he'd flown off his scooter and onto the road.  What if he wasn't wearing his helmet.

And this is minor.  We can fix this with some cuddles and a a box of smarties.

The photos are from a happier day when we visited the park and I noticed my kids were all wearing clothes made by me.  And I had my camera.  Abby is in one of these peasant tops made with fabric from Spotlight.  Rory is in some shorts (reversible!) from this book made with Anna Maria Horner fabric.  And Erin is in bloomers made with fabric from Spotlight.

No one got hurt that day.

Have you had any visits to the ER lately?
How can we keep our kids safe (besides buying cotton wool in bulk)?
And do you agree that the ER doctor could do with some sewing lessons?!!

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  1. Ouch that looks like it hurt:( I'm glad your little boy is ok now and it wasn't anything more serious but it is hard being a parent, talking, trying to teach them but there are times where you have no control and it's very hard. Last year we had to take the then Miss 7 to the ER because she kicked the wall of her room and on a shelf beside her bed fell a hard ceramic doll straight onto her face splitting her face just under the right eye. Thankfully she just needed it glued but she is much better at controlling those feet in bed now:) It's so nice to see all of your children making something made by yourself, it's such a great feeling and achievement. :)

  2. I love those moments when I notice that the kids are wearing or playing with all home-made stuff!
    It's a fine line isn't it between protecting our children and wrapping them in bubble wrap. No broken bones or stitches for our little ones yet, but I'm sure it will happen. Still plenty of ER visits though as our second child was a sick little baby but fighting fit now. Hope he recovers quickly for you :)

  3. Oh, that sweet, sad little mended face. The only one of our kids that has ever had to be stitched up (twice) is the one it was just inevitable for. And fortunately no concussion. That must've been scary.


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