Friday, March 2, 2012

Operation house beautification

March is operation house beautification month. Our house is currently (still!) a shambles. In September we moved all the furniture out of our main living area so that the old ugly tiles could be removed and new timber flooring could be installed. The furniture was moved to the hallway, the back veranda, a corner of the kitchen and Erin's room.

And it's still there. Waiting to move back into the living room. Which can't happen until we finish painting the living room. Which can't happen until we have a spare minute. And we never get a spare minute.

Each night we sit (NOT watching TV because it was removed back in September along with the rest of the furniture) on the couch exhausted looking at each other talking about how we really should paint.  But neither of us can be arsed and off we go to bed.

But the walls won't paint themselves. So we will be painting them during operation house beautification.

But that's not all. Oh no, that is not all.

Once the painting has been finished, all the furniture needs to be moved back in.

And once all the furniture has been moved back in, we need to organise Erin's room.

And there are a few pieces of timber furniture I want to paint.

And I have a whole heap of empty frames I need to fill with photos and hang up somewhere.

And there are assorted piles of crap on every available surface which need to be sorted.

And there is some major de-cluttering to be done (I've already taken 3 big bags of toys to the op-shop and the kids haven't even noticed.  Well actually that's not true.  Rory noticed his noisy plastic  yellow car was missing but he's so used to not being able to find anything amongst all his mess that he gave up looking for it pretty quickly).

And we need to finish off our veggie patches and plant our new mini-orchard.

And do six years worth of pruning and weeding.

And then our days months of CHAOS (can't have anyone over syndrome) will be over.

OK.  Painting time.

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  1. Oh, good luck. This is so much like our house. I'm actually going to buy the paint for my daughters room tomorrow so we can look at that while we have no time!


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