Monday, March 19, 2012

On the weekend...

~ early morning baking and beater-licking (someone needs to invent an
electric mixer with three beaters so no one misses out)

~ swimming lessons

~ a visit to the toy library followed by TOYFEST 2012 in which all three children
played happily for almost an hour and Chris and I got to read the paper. 
 First time that's happened in oh about 7 years. 
I see many more visits to the toy library in our near future.

~ onion planting

~ a night out with good friends and no children

~ a sleep in and breakfast out with my love and no children

~ an afternoon at the Garden of Unearthly Delights bunjee bouncing,
 ferris-wheel riding and cider drinking 

~ a roast lamb dinner complete with live entertainment

I feel like we need another weekend to recover. 
Adelaide is absolutely the best place to live in the whole world in March, agreed?


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  1. Three beaters - genius - you should invent and patent that!


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