Sunday, March 4, 2012

Not my usual weekend attire...

But I wear them to chop onions and it really works.  My eyes didn't sting but the goggles did fog up so after a while I couldn't see.  I could've chopped my finger off with the knife.  Lucky I didn't.  I don't know what's worse.  Sore eyes or sore finger?

Anyway all the onion chopping coincided with a whole lot of tomato chopping.  So. many. tomatoes. Again.  Last weekend I turned approximately 4 kilograms of tomatoes into tomato sauce (ketchup) and today I turned another 4 kilograms of tomatoes into pasta sauce.  Aaaagh.  Why do they all ripen at the same time?!!

We had a crazy skin-splitting disease (too much water?) in our tomatoes this year so they were really only good for cooking.

The sauce I made using a bottle of Ezi-Sauce which is a complete misnomer.  There is nothing easy about chopping 4 kilograms of tomatoes, 2 kilograms of onions and stirring it while it bubbles on the stove for 3 hours.  Not easy at all.  But it is yummy.

My Grandma used to make tomato sauce (in fact she made heaps of yummy things) and it is a great regret of mine that I never asked her for the recipe before she died.  I asked my Mum about it a few years ago and she said she thought Grandma just used Ezi-Sauce.  Ezi-Sauce?  From a jar?!  My Grandma is a fraud!  I thought she made everything from scratch!  But my sauce and her sauce taste remarkably similar so I think she probably did use Ezi-Sauce.  And I'm ok with that because it's yummy.  Hello BBQ season!

Today I made oven-baked pasta sauce using the recipe in Stephanie Alexander's book.  This was a bit easier because I didn't have to do as much chopping because I pureed the sauce at the end.  It took ages to cook though.  8 hours in the oven!

And next weekend?  I'll probably have another 4 kilograms of tomatoes by then so any suggestions?  Something without onions please!

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  1. Wow, what a fantastic harvest! Very envious.
    I've never heard of Ezi-Sauce, I'm guessing it has all the spices etc in it?
    Do you have a Fowlers Vacola or other preserving kit? We bottled 10kg of tomatoes from the market this year and it was surprisingly easy - just peel, take out the core, chop a little bit and stuff into bottles with a bit of, er, ascorbic acid I think it was. No onions :) Mind you, we haven't tried any yet!


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