Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A new old favourite

I made this dress for myself last Summer but I didn't wear it much for two reasons.  Firstly, dresses just are not breastfeeding friendly.  Pull it up?  I honestly think the sight of my tummy is more offensive than the sight of my boob.  Pull it down? A bit tricky in this dress. 

And the other reason I didn't wear it is because the 4 year old daughter of a friend of mine has a coat from a popular American brand in the same fabric and I was struck with the idea that maybe it is kids fabric.  And I was wearing it as a big person's dress.  And I became a bit self-conscious about that and stopped wearing it.

But this summer I got over my self-consciousness and I finished breastfeeding (7 years of being either pregnant or breastfeeding was enough for me) and now it's in high rotation.

It's another Anna tunic.  But I'm wearing it backwards and without the buttons. 

In other news...

~ I am making good progress on the squares-in-the-round blanket.  Half way there.  Touch and go whether it'll be finished in time for the birthday next week.

~ The painting is finished!  Abby and I went out yesterday and left Chris to paint while Erin napped and Rory watched a DVD.  Rory was still in his pyjamas from the night before when we arrived home at 5pm.  I guess you can't have a painted room and well-looked after kids.  He tells me he fed them at least.

~  I have signed up for Rhonda's apron swap.  And I bought her book too. 

~  I'm twittering.  It's great to be so up to date with all the news.  But I don't tweet much myself.  By the time I boot up my computer to post a tweet I've forgotten what the tweet was going to be.  I think it's designed for people with those fancy internet phones.

~  I just finished reading Anne Deveson's book about her schizophrenic son.  Wow.

~  We are hoping the $1 a day reward we have put in place for Abby will be enough incentive for her to actually keep her room tidy.  We are OVER it.  And what I read here about bad habits really resonated with me.  We also removed 90% of the crap that was in her room.  She's been left with clothes and craft stuff and that's it.

~  We had a wonderful time grooving, eating and people watching at Womadelaide on the weekend.  One of us however did not listen to her tummy when it told her it was full.  She listened to her taste buds which told her how yummy the food was.  Needless to say, we left early.  Peaks and Pits people.  Vomit aside, Adelaide is the best place to live in the month of March.  Never mind that nothing else happens for the other 11 months of the year. 


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