Sunday, March 11, 2012

Goodbye Brown

We've lived in this house for nearly 6 years now and although I didn't realise it when we bought it, there is a whole lot of brown and a whole lot of beige going on.  I don't do brown or beige.

It didn't bother us at the time.  Infact we were quite pleased that everything was neutral and we didn't have to 'fix' anything.

But over time (and especially since we've decided we're not moving) I have really started to dislike the brown and the beige.

I need colour!  And character.  There's nothing wrong with beige but it's just not very exciting is it.  And I want to live in a house I love and not in a house I just like.

Slowly we've been saying goodbye to the brown.

First, the cubby.

Next, the kitchen.  Which was 'intermezzo.'  I decided I needed a feature wall which I painted pink but that only lasted a few months before we painted the whole kitchen yellow (Dulux Straw).  WHICH I LOVE.

The pink didn't last long
Deciding which colour
Dulux Straw.  LOVE.
And then...we have very nearly finished painting our living room.  It was (ugly) mushroomy brown with timber skirting boards and picture rails and now...

Dulux Cream with Lime White trim
And our furniture isn't safe from my paintbrush either....

Formerly BROWN IKEA highchair
Bookcase (formerly BROWN timber)
Erin's bookcase (formerly BROWN MDF)

I have grand plans but (lack of) time and an ultra conservative brown-liking husband are my two biggest hurdles.  


  1. Oh I particularly love the cubby :)

  2. Ooooh, I love all the colors that you've chosen! I especially love the cubby - what a way to make it pop!


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