Saturday, February 25, 2012


We ripped up the tiles in our living room a few months ago (they were functional but not pretty) and put down floor boards instead.  A new floor meant we needed a new couch (thankyou IKEA) and a new couch meant we needed some new cushions of course ("pushions" Rory calls them).

I was aiming for a whole lot of colour.  Which I think I've achieved.  I was also aiming to use up heaps of scraps.  Which I've also achieved.

Now if I could just figure out a way to make the cushions stay on the couch so I'm not picking them up off the floor and re-arranging them 3000 times a day I'd be very happy.

The kids don't sit on the couch.  They sit on the floor with a pushion.  We told them the rules - no eating on the couch, no sitting on the couch, and no looking at the couch.  But we were really only serious about the first rule.

From left to right - 
1.  Mostly Anna Maria Horner scraps and some Kaffe Fassett, 2.  Also Anna Maria Horner, 3.  Anna + Kaffe again, 4.  A mixture of everything in my scrap drawer, 5.  Amy Butler, 6 A mixture.

P.S Not all of the cushions are new.  Some I made back here.


  1. these are awesome! they must make you happy to look at (when they arent on the floor - haha)! great job!

    Kel x

  2. They are so, so pretty! (And I love the name pushions.) We always have pushions all over the floor too. And I have to tell you again how awesome that hot cross bun recipe is. Third batch on the rise now, even despite the heat, and passing on recipe to next door!

  3. Loving your bright and cheery pushions. My couches are badly in need of a cushion revamp. Thanks for the inspiration!


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