Monday, February 20, 2012

A homegrown meal

For a few years now I've had an obsession with growing our own fruit and vegetables. Eating off the land (all 800 square metres of it!) and being 'backyard self-sufficient.'

One of my goals was to be able to cook a meal made entirely of produce that was grown in our garden. It nearly happened once before. We have made Rhonda's spinach pie using produce that was almost all grown in our garden. But we hadn't grown the onions and garlic ourselves.

On Friday it happened.

Rory and I picked a heap of ripe tomatoes. I added them to some onions (that I grew in the garden), garlic (that I grew in the garden), basil (that I grew in the garden) and some olive oil (made by the olives my friend down the road grew in her garden).

And voila - pasta sauce!

My finest achievement yet.

And then we made some pasta with eggs (that the chooks laid in the garden) and some flour (ok I bought that).

So the whole meal was made with produce that was grown entirely in our garden. It was the simplest of simple meals but jeez it was yum!

The recipe is from here.


  1. Oh, that must've been awesomely satisfying. Very jealous of your tomato crop, and look at the size of that onion!

  2. Amazing!!!!! Good for you guys.
    I bet it was the most delicious meal ever.

  3. Looks like a scene out of Goldilocks with the papa-sized bowl, followed by the mama and baby-sized bowls! Cute!


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