Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday night sewing

Every Sunday night Chris and the kids visit nanna for dinner.  Nanna cooks a delicious roast on Sunday and I love a good roast too but I love my two hours of uninterrupted sewing/blogging/wine-drinking/cheese-eating time even more.

It's what gets me through the week.

Sometimes I feel guilty that I enjoy their absence so much.  (I have been known to literally jump for joy as they back out of the driveway).  Then I get over it and pour myself another glass of wine.

Tonight I'm working on two summer tops for Abby and a pair of shorts for the walrus.  Then I will get started on another one of these peasant tops for myself. Take two!

I'm listening to Adele and thinking about who will look after our house when we go away next year/PND/when will I go back to study/what I will cook for dinner tomorrow night when Chris' Dad visits/will the tomato seeds I planted ever pop up?

Quiet is nice.

Photo unrelated and a few months old.  We are all here.  Can you spot us?


  1. That sounds like a perfect Sunday night ritual...for everyone!

  2. Yep, quiet is nice - just unusual ;-) Love the sound of your Sunday nights. Any precious time I get to myself sends me jumping for joy too!

  3. Oh, there is nothing I like better than a bit of alone time (and a glass or two of wine) and have been known to have a bit of a jump too. I will have to look back at your posts and work out where you are off to. Hope you got through your sewing :)


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