Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday night sewing

Every Sunday night Chris and the kids visit nanna for dinner.  Nanna cooks a delicious roast on Sunday and I love a good roast too but I love my two hours of uninterrupted sewing/blogging/wine-drinking/cheese-eating time even more.

It's what gets me through the week.

Sometimes I feel guilty that I enjoy their absence so much.  (I have been known to literally jump for joy as they back out of the driveway).  Then I get over it and pour myself another glass of wine.

Tonight I'm working on two summer tops for Abby and a pair of shorts for the walrus.  Then I will get started on another one of these peasant tops for myself. Take two!

I'm listening to Adele and thinking about who will look after our house when we go away next year/PND/when will I go back to study/what I will cook for dinner tomorrow night when Chris' Dad visits/will the tomato seeds I planted ever pop up?

Quiet is nice.

Photo unrelated and a few months old.  We are all here.  Can you spot us?

Summer fling top

Abby took this photo.  She said she would take one and only one.  This is it.
She then proceeded to take 348 photos of her friend on the swing.

And this is why I don't sew much for myself.

Sometimes it's easier just to drive to the shops, try something on and fork over the cash.  At least then you end up with a top you'll actually wear.

I used the 'make it perfect' pattern with moda fabric I bought ages ago (with another project in mind) from here.

It's possible I did something wrong.  Or maybe my body shape is wrong.  Maybe I made the wrong size.

I can't quite put my finger on it but it's not quite perfect.  Especially the sleeves.  They're a bit fooffy.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

In the garden

Our telegraph peas are finally beginning their long climb up the ladder.  It would seem the chooks are very fond of pea shoots.

I have been planting tomato seeds like a madwoman.  My memory is short and I've forgotten about last year's glut.  And the year before and the year before.  Normally I plant seedlings but this year I'm experimenting with growing things from seed.

The wisteria knows it's Spring.

Chris has built three more garden beds and project 'backyard self-sufficiency' has begun.

We are putting a fence straight through the middle of the back lawn.  The kids and chooks can have the back half and me and the veg get the rest.

We feel sad for our poor chooks who need a bit more space but we're sick of them chomping away at all our veggies.  Putting in a new fence seems to be the only solution.

This project will give us 5 garden beds plus space for some fruit trees and a passionfruit vine.  We have planted two citrus trees which we are going to espalier along the fence and we will put in some apples using this method I think.

I cleared a space along the fence and tested the soil then conditioned the soil ready for some blueberries (fickle things that they are).  I planted two little bushes about a week or so ago and one of them is already looking very sick.  It has dropped all its leaves so I'm not sure if it will be with us for much longer.

The noisy tree people came and removed two big trees which were blocking the sun.  Trees that don't feed us are a waste of space if you ask me.

We've also put  a lime tree in a pot (under-planted with strawberries) and we've planted a grapevine which will eventually cover the trellis on the back veranda.

Now our fruit tree tally looks like this:

  plum *
  fig *
  cherry *
  pomegranate x 2 *
  olive *
  mandarin (x 2)
  orange (x 2)

* these were here when we moved in

I would love to plant more but I really don't know where we'd put them.  I've got my eye on the front lawn next.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Not moving

For the past six or so months we have been looking for a new house.  A new house in the country.  A new house with acreage.

We've found a few beauties too.  Two of them ticked all the boxes.  And we nearly bought one of them.

But we didn't.  And we've called off the search.  We are not moving.

In the end we decided we really love where we live.  We love the neighbourhood, the school, the community.  Our house.  It's proximity to everything.  The fact that we know everyone on our street and we don't even have to arrange catch ups at the park because everyone is already there.  We love that we have enough space to be self-sufficient but can still holiday in our new caravan for weeks at a time and not have to worry about who's going to look after our livestock (for example).

We love that we can potter in the garden and do projects around the house but our lives are not consumed by these chores.  And if it's 45 degrees or blowing a gale we don't actually have to go outside to plough the fields (for example).

We worried that instead of providing us with a simpler life, one where we could spend more time together as a family, we would actually end up spending more time in the car and more time reducing the fire risk on our property (for example).

So we're not moving.  And the money we've saved on moving costs and stamp duty we're spending here.  Making this house perfect for us.

Chris and I have been planning this move since we met.  But we were planning the move for when the kids had all left home (like 20 years).  That is still the plan.  In the meantime I will live vicariously through ivy nest, inner pickle, hugo and elsa foxs lanesoulemama, and baby mac who have all made the move.

And to be honest, my vision of living in the country was mostly about these boots and  a combustion heater. So I bought myself the damn boots and we're putting in the heater before winter.  Happy Gill.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

My new sewing corner

It would seem that fitting the entire contents of one's sewing room into one tiny corner of the living room is no easy task.

But I think I'm finally getting somewhere.

And so I present....the only tidy corner of the entire house.

The table is new (to me) and I plan to paint it.  Green maybe?  And the chair too (not green, maybe cream).  But for now this space is functional and the painting can wait for another day.

The two giant baskets sitting on the floor are full of WIPs.  I plan to do something about those too.

The typewriter was inherited from my Grandparents (because I was going to be the journalist in the family).

The spice rack, the biscuit tins and most of the other storage is from the op-shop.

The bookcase and the tallboy thingo are poached from other rooms in the house.

You can spot what's from IKEA.

The thing I love most about this new space is that (in theory) I can sit and sew and watch the kids playing in the backyard.

But it's only a matter of time before someone gets a pin in their foot or the baby pulls all the fabric from the shelf or I get divorced because Chris can't hear the TV over the noise of my sewing machine.
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