Monday, August 15, 2011

Red Cowl

I just about have a cowl for every day of the week now but this one is my current favourite.  I think because it's so nice and soft and not at all itchy like some of my other ones.

And even though it's red I wear it with everything.  Even my pink jumper.  I always thought red + pink was a MAJOR fashion faux-pas but not any more.  And I'm not the only one.

I couldn't walk past this wool when I saw it at Spotlight.  It's super chunky so knitting it up with my giant size 15 needles took no time at all.  I just cast on about 20 stitches and kept knitting until it fitted around my neck.

Instant gratification.

Unlike the never-ending sweater.  I had hoped to finish it before the end of winter but now my knitting show is over my output has slowed and I still have one arm and the neck to go.   Ah well, I've never been one to let the seasons dictate my fashion so I'll make sure I wear it at least once whatever season I happen to finish it in.


  1. I love it - and I think pink and red rock, too. Hmm... think I need a cowl. I love a good scarf but they tend to dangle into the dishwasher when I'm packing it....

  2. A beautiful cowl, and I'm with Jane - really need one as my scarf is always getting in the way!

  3. That cowl looks great! I have become a cowl fan too and know what you mean about the itchy :(


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