Friday, August 19, 2011

The hard slog of parenting

This morning I got out of bed at 4:50am to have some 'me' time.

I have been doing this regularly since Erin was born.  I sneak out of bed before everyone else in the house wakes up to enjoy some solitude.  I sit and do a few rows of  knitting, read some blogs and enjoy my morning coffee ritual without interruptions.  Just me and my own thoughts.

When I became a mum, people (my mum, Chris' mum, Soulemama) mentioned how they used to get up before their kids.  Crazy!  I never understood why anyone would give up even one minute of precious sleep.  So for five years, the kids were my alarm clock.  When they got up, I got up (having a board book clunked on your head or your eyes peeled open by chubby fingers leaves you with little choice).  And I always managed to fit in some 'me' time during the day.  Knitting while they were playing at the park, checking my blogs while they were happily doing a puzzle, reading a few pages of my book while they were playing in the backyard.

Not anymore.  Since increasing our brood from two kids to three I have said goodbye to  'me' time.  I've given up thinking I might be able sit down for 5 minutes to knit because there's always someone who needs something.  Which is why I've been waking up before the sun goes up.

Today though, and most days lately actually, my secret morning quiet time has been interrupted.  Erin has been starting her day at 5:30am and Rory at 6:00am.

Which makes for a very long day (14 hours!) of sibling squabbles, demands for water, 'mummy open this door/put my shoes on/wipe my bottom,' and playing pretend fetch with our pretend dog (Rory).

I know that this is just a phase.  I know that soon enough (less than 6 months) Rory will be a kindy boy and after that he'll be at school and I'll never see him anymore and it will just be Erin and I at home and then I will get to pee in peace.

In the meantime my 'me' time comes in the form of late night shopping leg wax appointments, attending school council meetings I'm not even on the committee for, and having showers that continue long after I'm clean.


  1. You get your legs waxed? Lucky you! Haha! The last person who cut my hair was my husband, as in, snipped the ends straight-ish. I think we mums feel the need to craft because there's a desperate need to be able to look at something concrete and say "I did that" and it doesn't need re-doing tomorrow (or in five minutes), and maybe it looks nice! I loved the bike baskets by the way.

  2. Hey Gilly! I do the same thing - but fortunately not quite so early. I get up at 6am every morning and usually fit in about 45 mins of exercise before the kids wake up at 7am. It's the only way to get a bit of mummy time. xx

  3. Hi Gillian! Wow I have really enjoyed reading your blog, especially this post! I have recently become a mum of 3 too and finding the same dilemma... no time for me. I was never a morning person, infact quite a night owl but things are changing. You may have just managed to convince me to go the morning thing :)


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