Thursday, August 4, 2011

Erin is One!

I made the quilt.  I made her top.  And I made the baby.

And now she is one!  A year ago* I went to bed after watching the Masterchef final 11 days overdue resigned to the fact that I really was going to pregnant forever and woke up the next morning with a baby.  It was almost that easy.  Except for the bit between oh about 1am and 5am.

She was born in our living room on a sunny winter morning surrounded by her Dad, her big brother and his trains.  Abby somehow slept through it all.  And the midwife didn't make it in time because we didn't ring her in time because I was not convinced I was in labour until I was ready to push.  And by then it was too late.  

She laughs freely and often.  She sings, claps, dances, points and waves.  Her only words are "mum-mum", "da-da" and "woof woof."  She is a speedy crawler and has taken a few solo steps but doesn't seem in a hurry to walk yet.  She eats everything and lots of it.  She is obsessed with dogs, cats and the chooks.  Her favourite toy is whatever her brother and sister are playing with.  She adores her big sister and tolerates her big brother.  She loves Daddy too but she saves the best cuddles for me, her Mum.  It's nice to be someone's favourite.

She has been a true blessing and we are so lucky this happy girl decided to join our family.  We love you Erinbaby.

* Her birthday was over a week ago.  It's taken me that long to get back to finishing this post.


  1. Talented on three counts! happy birthday to your beautiful daughter and what a great birth story:)

  2. I love it all...the quilt is AMAZING...and so is the baby :-)

    you do the things I THINK I can do...

    keep on creating! Your talent seems to have no end.

  3. Happy Birthday Erin! What a lovely quilt. Beautiful creations!

  4. Oh doesn't time Fly! The quilt is gorgeous as is the top and the baby :)


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