Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bike kids

I found this great bike basket tutorial via Noodlehead.  I made the first one (Abby's) about 6 months ago.  Hers is a bit wonky because the interfacing I used wasn't stiff enough.  But I've perfected my technique since then and they have been the envy of the whole neighbourhood.

After word got out that Abby and Rory's mum had actually made their really cool bike baskets, every kid on the street has begged me for one.  So I've been churning them out like I'm a factory.  But I'm sick of making them and after the last one I vowed to never sew another one again.

Well okay just one more. Rory has been invited to his first ever birthday party this weekend and I know the little 4 year old birthday boy will just love it.  And so will his mum who appreciates hand made.  And they are special people in our lives so just this once I have agreed to make one more.  And I guess his brother will want one as well.  So that's two more.   But then that's it.

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  1. They are the most awesome bike baskets around,

  2. They look great.... I'm sure my boys would each like one too!

    Also, thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  3. So gorgeous! And such a lovely gift idea :)

  4. this is awesome! bookmarking for when my little guy gets his first bike :)

  5. What cool bike baskets! Know what you mean about getting sick of sewing something over and over again. Somehow it takes the magic away for us (though not for the recipient :-)

  6. very cute, good on you for sewing all those for the neighbourhood.....I have had this tutorial bookmarked for a while, must make one before my boys get too big :)


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