Thursday, July 7, 2011


Kate posted about her school uniform the other day.  You know, the clothes you wear day in and day out.  The ones you can throw on without thinking much about. 

I often wish  I had a uniform.  I don't really like thinking about what I'm going to wear every day.  Does it match?  Is it comfy?  Is it weather appropriate?  Is it clean?  And can I actually find it?  Too many questions for early in the morning.  Multiplied by 2 because Erin hasn't figured out how to dress herself yet and Rory just refuses to (I'm sure Abby was dressing herself by 3!)

And being a school mum means I actually have to leave the house twice a day.  So I need to look semi-presentable and wear clothes I'm not afraid to be seen in.  

But this week it dawned on me I think I actually do have a school uniform.  My 'schooliform' (as Lola says) consists of comfy skirts (often one of these), comfy shoes and some sort of top I can breastfeed in.  Nothing new (cause we're not buying new clothes this year only op-shop and handmade), just stuff I've had in my wardrobe for years.  And nothing that looks like what everyone else is wearing (or I try not to anyway). 

I wish I could wear dresses and tunics but I've gotta feed that baby on a regular basis and I'd prefer not to have to get undressed each time I do it.  And I would looooove to just chuck on my jeans but I only have one pair of jeans and they are my skinny jeans.  The ones I bought just after I had Rory when I was really skinny (the upside of PND).  They fit now but when I wear them I can't breath.  And I kinda need to breath.  And bend over to wipe bottoms.  And crouch down to pick up babies and mess.  So jeans are out.

Which leaves me with a very limited wardrobe.  But at least I don't have to think too much about what I'm going to wear every day.  What shall I wear?  Oh, let's go for 'same again or a variation thereof' shall we?  

Presenting my schooliform: 

 All photos taken by Abby with her broken arm.  

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  1. Nice schooliform! I have also been living in skirts and boot this winter. I had to laugh at your comment about PND and skinny jeans. I had that as well after #2... felt like crap but looked faaaabulous!


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