Friday, July 29, 2011

Rest day

Since Abby started school a year ago it feels like we never see her any more.  And the bits we do see aren't always the best bits.  After school we often get visited by grumpy, tired, my-brain-is-frazzled Abby.  And the weekends seem to fly by so we can't always cram in enough quality family fun.

So from time to time (maybe once a fortnight) I pick her up early from school or drop her off late.  And sometimes she even has the whole day off.  Often it's because she's just plain tired and needs to rest.  But sometimes it's just because I don't want her to miss out on any of the fun things we do at home.

Like yesterday.  It was 20 degrees and sunny in Adelaide.  Definitely a beach day.  So we picked her up early from school and headed to the seaside for some ice cream and frolicking in the sand (or eating it in Erin's case).

I'm not sure what the school policy is on 'mental health days' but I don't spend a lot of time worrying about it. I feel I am doing what's best for Abby and the entire family.  Maybe I would feel differently if she was struggling at school, but she's not.  Maybe I would feel differently if she didn't love school, but she does (in fact I often have to talk her into having these rest days).  Maybe I would feel differently if all my kids were at school and she wasn't missing out on any of the fun we have at home.  Maybe I would feel differently if she was a bit older and would miss some important learning by having time off, but she's only in Reception.

In the meantime, we'll continue plucking her out of school for afternoons like these...


  1. My boys are teenagers and we still let them have "mental health" days if we think they need them. It was a lovely day yesterday, I would of loved some ice cream down the beach.

  2. Our eldest gets the occasional 'Mondayitis' where I think he just needs to feel grounded and unrushed. We let him get away with it about once a term. I think the whole world could use a few more mental health days :-)


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