Sunday, July 31, 2011

Operation room relocation

We are in the middle of moving Erin into her own room.  She has been sharing with Abby since she started sleeping through the night at around 8 months of age (I know!  How lucky are we!  Trust me, the others took much longer.  In fact one of them still visits us every night).  Anyway...

We decided Abby really needs her own space now.  A space away from her annoying brother (whose current obsession is pretending to be a dog).  A space where she can play with her lego and glitter glue without them being eaten by her sister.  

And we have the luxury of 4 bedrooms so it makes sense for each of the kids to have their own room.

But.  And it's a big but.  This move means I've had to give up my sewing room.  And  jam it all into one corner of the living room.  

Which is a problem for two reasons (other than just simply find a spot for everything).  Firstly, I am a messy sewer.   And while I used to be able to close the door on my mess, now I will have to face it every single day.  Or keep it tidy.

Secondly, my sewing machine is very noisy.  And since most of my sewing is done at night when the kids are in bed and Chris is watching something boring on tv, now he won't be able to hear his boring shows.  

So maybe it won't be too long until I get myself a little outdoor studio. Or score myself a new whizz-bang (quiet) sewing machine.  

The problem is this - when we moved into this house five years ago we had one baby who had a small number of toys.  So we had two whole rooms to spare.   But as we've had more kids and the kids have grown and their toy collections have grown and my sewing hobby has grown we no longer have any spare rooms.  And we're finding it very hard to find a home for everything.  That's the challenge for the weekend.

The kids toys and books have been relocated to their bedrooms.  Abby's craft corner that was in my sewing room is  now in her bedroom.  Erin's cot and change table have moved into my sewing room.  My sewing stuff has taken over one bookshelf in the living room and the stuff that was on there has been moved to the kitchen, the coffee table and the hallway.  The rest of my sewing stuff has found a new home in the laundry.  And we're only half way there.   

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