Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Baby quilts

For my sister.  Who had a baby boy in March.  The whale fabric was left over from some pyjamas I made for my nephews for Christmas last year.  I put it together with some random blues, reds and greys from my stash.  Spots and stripes mostly.  And made a pattern!  Which is unusual for me.  Normally I just sew everything together then stand back and squint my eyes to make sure it looks ok.  This method hasn't failed me yet.  

And this one is for my best friend who is having a baby girl any day now.  She's not a girly girl so these colours are much better for her than pink.  I made this one using a jelly roll from Spotlight.  I wasn't sure about it at first because, you know, Spotlight.  There's such a stigma surrounding fabrics from Spotlight.  So not cool.  Not cool that is until cool Aunty Cookie started using them (she did!  somewhere.  I just can't find the link).  Cool now.  

The arrival of these two new babies is perfect for us because we have been able to offload all our baby gear to good homes.  Which is much easier than selling it or dumping it at the op shop.  And even though my heart decides from time to time it's not finished having babies my head knows better.  And my heart is less likely to be swayed by my head if all the baby stuff has gone to new homes.  My heart will just have to be content cuddling other people's new babies.

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