Monday, June 13, 2011

Little Adelaide, Big Pants

My friend Rebecca has a new blog, Life at number six.  I followed one of her followers and found Jane's blog.  On Jane's blog I found a picture of her cute son Clem who I recognised from Rory's childcare.  So in an Adelaide kind of way I know Jane.  Even though I don't know Jane.  Because in Adelaide, everyone you know knows someone you know.  

I also found a great tutorial for last-another-season-kid's-pants.

Rory has grown up but not out for a few years so I turned all his size 2 pants into size 3 pants by adding a cuff to the bottom of the legs.


  1. Haha! They look awesome! (Not that I'm biased or anything.) I love the fabric selection. And the chooks in the background :-)

  2. Gilly, I noticed you had commented on Janes post. One or her sons is in Jacks class. She can sew!!! Maybe we can all get together for a craft session when I get back from BALI!!!


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