Saturday, June 25, 2011

Last minute birthday gift

Chris has taken the kids to the shops and I am supposed to be doing the housework.  I'm not.  I'm basking in the winter sun.  Drinking my second 'cino for the day and catching up on some blogs.  I'm working on the theory that men don't notice mess and he won't be able to tell whether the housework has been done or not.  And by the time he has unpacked the groceries from the car, Cyclone Ellis Children would've passed through so he won't have a clear view of the floor to see if it's clean anyway.  I might get the vacuum cleaner out and plonk it in the middle of the floor to create the illusion I've been doing something other than soaking up my child-free time.

Abby is heading off to a birthday party for one of her little school friends this afternoon.  I raided the present cupboard and found a knitting nancy (aka french knitting contraption) which we put together with a few small balls of wool in a little bag I made this morning.  The world needs more knitters!

And the rest of the weekend?  Hills op-shopping and a haircut for me this afternoon, roast dinner at nanna's tonight, a trip to the farmer's market in the morning and a visit to the beach if the weather stays sunny.  Oh, and I guess I should try to fit the housework in there somewhere.

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  1. That is a lovely idea for a little girls birthday present. Must remember that one!


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