Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jumper no. 2

This little boy plays with his cars in the dirt for hours on end.

This little boy drives his trains in the flour while I'm baking.

This little boy climbs into my bed every single night around one o'clock.  And goes to sleep holding my hair.

This little boy sits in the bottom of the shower for the entire duration of mine and Chris' showers and has done since he could crawl.

This little boy really doesn't like wearing clothes.  At all.  Or shoes.

But will often wear his undies on his head as a hat.

This little boy loves pasta and pizza and Indian food but not stew (so he won't be happy with tonight's menu!).

This little boy could eat his body weight in mandarins.

This little boy's current movie obsession is Finding Nemo.  Until Thursday when we see Cars 2.

This little boys can recite Maisy books by heart.  And Meg and Mog.  And Charlie and Lola.

This little boy is patting the chooks one minute and chasing them with a broom the next.

This little boy is playing boo with his baby sister one minute and pushing her over the next.

This little boy suggests we go on a picnic every time the sun comes out.

This little boy's favourite shop is Bunnings (for a sausage with black sauce).

This little boy will only go to sleep if Daddy lays down with him (and he holds onto his hair too).

This little boy gets tired of waiting for a glass of water/someone to wipe his bottom/put a bandaid on/make him a sandwich/help him brush his teeth so he just does it himself.  

This little boy's nickname is Walrus.

This little boy's new jumper is ravelled here.


  1. And I can see that he has done the adorable boots-on-the-wrong-feet thing, too! Love the jumper.

  2. How cute! I love all those things that make Walrus, Walrus! I didn't know he had a thing for holding hair! Meeshell xo


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