Saturday, June 4, 2011

Big sister sweater

Here it is!  My first completed knitted garment.  Not a scarf or a beanie.  Not an accessory.  This is a garment.  A piece of clothing.  A nice warm jumper

And it fits!  And Babs likes it.  And it's nice and warm and soft and not at all itchy. 

I don't know why I waited so long to make the leap from scarves to sweaters.  Because this pattern was just four knitted squares (give or take a few increases and decreases) which were sewn together at the end.  Easy peasy. 

I took these photos last week at gymnastics before Abby broke her arm.  Which she didn't break on the balance beam (although that would not have been at surprising), but on the monkey bars at school. 

The pattern for this sweater came The Expectant Knitter.  There is a whole chapter of knits for members of the family besides the new baby.  There is even a pattern for a dog coat.  Which would be great if we had a dog.  And I cared enough about it to knit it a coat.  I'm just not a dog person.  

I haven't knit anything from the (not so) new baby but I knit this sweater for Babs.  Who, it must be noted, is a fabulous big sister.  To her sister.  Not so much her brother.   We're working on that. 

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  1. Great sweater, Gill! You are very clever :) I like the comment about how she is a great big sister to her sister!!! I bet she can't wait to get her arm out of the cast and head back to gymnastics! Meeshell xo


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