Saturday, June 25, 2011

Last minute birthday gift

Chris has taken the kids to the shops and I am supposed to be doing the housework.  I'm not.  I'm basking in the winter sun.  Drinking my second 'cino for the day and catching up on some blogs.  I'm working on the theory that men don't notice mess and he won't be able to tell whether the housework has been done or not.  And by the time he has unpacked the groceries from the car, Cyclone Ellis Children would've passed through so he won't have a clear view of the floor to see if it's clean anyway.  I might get the vacuum cleaner out and plonk it in the middle of the floor to create the illusion I've been doing something other than soaking up my child-free time.

Abby is heading off to a birthday party for one of her little school friends this afternoon.  I raided the present cupboard and found a knitting nancy (aka french knitting contraption) which we put together with a few small balls of wool in a little bag I made this morning.  The world needs more knitters!

And the rest of the weekend?  Hills op-shopping and a haircut for me this afternoon, roast dinner at nanna's tonight, a trip to the farmer's market in the morning and a visit to the beach if the weather stays sunny.  Oh, and I guess I should try to fit the housework in there somewhere.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jumper no. 2

This little boy plays with his cars in the dirt for hours on end.

This little boy drives his trains in the flour while I'm baking.

This little boy climbs into my bed every single night around one o'clock.  And goes to sleep holding my hair.

This little boy sits in the bottom of the shower for the entire duration of mine and Chris' showers and has done since he could crawl.

This little boy really doesn't like wearing clothes.  At all.  Or shoes.

But will often wear his undies on his head as a hat.

This little boy loves pasta and pizza and Indian food but not stew (so he won't be happy with tonight's menu!).

This little boy could eat his body weight in mandarins.

This little boy's current movie obsession is Finding Nemo.  Until Thursday when we see Cars 2.

This little boys can recite Maisy books by heart.  And Meg and Mog.  And Charlie and Lola.

This little boy is patting the chooks one minute and chasing them with a broom the next.

This little boy is playing boo with his baby sister one minute and pushing her over the next.

This little boy suggests we go on a picnic every time the sun comes out.

This little boy's favourite shop is Bunnings (for a sausage with black sauce).

This little boy will only go to sleep if Daddy lays down with him (and he holds onto his hair too).

This little boy gets tired of waiting for a glass of water/someone to wipe his bottom/put a bandaid on/make him a sandwich/help him brush his teeth so he just does it himself.  

This little boy's nickname is Walrus.

This little boy's new jumper is ravelled here.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Little Adelaide, Big Pants

My friend Rebecca has a new blog, Life at number six.  I followed one of her followers and found Jane's blog.  On Jane's blog I found a picture of her cute son Clem who I recognised from Rory's childcare.  So in an Adelaide kind of way I know Jane.  Even though I don't know Jane.  Because in Adelaide, everyone you know knows someone you know.  

I also found a great tutorial for last-another-season-kid's-pants.

Rory has grown up but not out for a few years so I turned all his size 2 pants into size 3 pants by adding a cuff to the bottom of the legs.

Friday, June 10, 2011


I obviously wasn't thinking about the consequences of knitting stripes when I decided to modify the original pattern for Rory's jumper.  It did not register that there would be so many ends to weave in.  So far, it's taken me the better part of a week.  All my precious knitting time has been swallowed up by the finishing steps - the boring part. 

I'm desperate to start on my next project.  Something for me!  A nice warm jumper!  Just like the one I nearly bought at Esprit for $90.  But then I came to my senses.  And remembered that I am now a fully competent knitter.  One who can knit sweaters.  Instead, I visited Barb and armed myself with the needles and yarn required to make a jumper like this.     

In days gone by I would've cast aside Rory's jumper and started on my new project but this time I'm showing some restraint.  Discipline.  Quite unlike me.  Miss second-helping-of-cake.  Miss line-up-six-times-at-the-breakfast-buffet.  Miss wall-of-fabric, mountain-of-yarn, basket-full-of-WIPs.  Because if I don't finish Rory's jumper he will grow.  

Or more to the point, if I keep not finishing things I won't have anything to blog about.

Speaking of sweaters, little Abby wore hers to casual day at school today.  She's not old enough to worry about wearing something 'cool'.  Which is lucky because she would've gone to school naked if she cared  what the other kids thought.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Big sister sweater

Here it is!  My first completed knitted garment.  Not a scarf or a beanie.  Not an accessory.  This is a garment.  A piece of clothing.  A nice warm jumper

And it fits!  And Babs likes it.  And it's nice and warm and soft and not at all itchy. 

I don't know why I waited so long to make the leap from scarves to sweaters.  Because this pattern was just four knitted squares (give or take a few increases and decreases) which were sewn together at the end.  Easy peasy. 

I took these photos last week at gymnastics before Abby broke her arm.  Which she didn't break on the balance beam (although that would not have been at surprising), but on the monkey bars at school. 

The pattern for this sweater came The Expectant Knitter.  There is a whole chapter of knits for members of the family besides the new baby.  There is even a pattern for a dog coat.  Which would be great if we had a dog.  And I cared enough about it to knit it a coat.  I'm just not a dog person.  

I haven't knit anything from the (not so) new baby but I knit this sweater for Babs.  Who, it must be noted, is a fabulous big sister.  To her sister.  Not so much her brother.   We're working on that. 
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