Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On the weekend

Adventure baby*, the yellow wiggle** and I pruned some trees in the backyard.  We lopped a few limbs off the giant banksia tree which was casting a shadow over our newly planted orange and mandarin trees.  Now we have a lot more sun and hopefully happier trees.

We drove up the hill to have a look at a house and dream of our tree change.  We had many lengthy discussions about schools, travel times, moving away from a neighbourhood we love and the amount of work that goes into looking after a few acres of land. 

I perfected the art of bread making thanks to Rhonda's tutorial.  It looked so good Abby thought it came from the shops.

We collected 4 eggs in one day!  That's 4 from 4.  Thanks chookies. 

We all visited the Farmer's Market (fast becoming a Sunday ritual).  We divided and conquered which was much quicker than swarming en masse. 

We caught up with a friend I don't see enough of and her son at the park.  We talked about parenting in general and the books we're reading.  Mine - Liking the Child you Love and hers - Kids are Worth it.

I ran out of wool half way through the last sleeve of Rory's jumper.  Frustrating!  I will have to go and visit Barb at her sewing world again in the next few days.  In the meantime I'm knitting up a few more dishcloths.   

We went to a birthday dinner for two members of our extended family.  I knitted a beanie for my FIL and sewed some door snakes for my SIL's cold hills house.

* Erin.  Who is not content to sit and play with actual baby toys but must instead explore every corner of the backyard.  Hello chook poo, spiders and ants. 
** Chris (who has a rugby jumper he has worn every weekend for the last 7 or so years.  In fact he has two.  One short sleeve, one long sleeve.  It's yellow.  Hence the nickname.)


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