Sunday, May 29, 2011


Grateful she broke her arm and not her leg.

Grateful she broke her left arm and not her right.

Grateful it was only a broken bone.

Grateful my first visit as a mum to the emergency ward was for something minor and not something major.

Grateful to live in a first world country with good health care.

Grateful for nanna who minded the walrus and erinbaby while we spent 6 hours at the hospital being fixed up.

Grateful erinbaby accepted a banana in place of her four o'clock breastfeed so I didn't have to leave Abby's side.

Grateful for aunties in far away places who send tulips to cheer her up. 

Grateful she is still happy to entertain her baby sister while I cook tea.

Grateful she accepted a new party dress and mummy-made sling as a substitute for not being able to participate at her best friend's gymnastics party.

Lots more to be grateful for over at Maxabella Loves.


  1. We hope the big girl feels better real soon! xx the Hallams xx

  2. I only just cottoned on to the fact that your blog address changed! And you have a new header! So I only just saw the cowl and museli bars posts. Excited that your commitment to blog more often is paying off! I love this "Grateful" post ... but she looks like a train wreck in the first pic ... guess it had been a tough day for her :(


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