Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day off

Today is my day off.  Babs is at school and the walrus is at childcare so it's just me and the baby hanging out at home.  Doing nothing. 

Today, 'nothing' has been :

* knitting 3 rows of Rory's jumper
* baking and accidentally burning a sultana cake
* turning 4 kilos of rotting tomatoes from the farmers market into pasta sauce
* feeding the chooks and collecting the eggs
* folding and putting away two baskets of washing
* unpacking and repacking the dishwasher
* letting a grumpy cat in then out then back in again
* making sure the crawling, standing baby doesn't get up to mischief (I failed. Check out her texta face)
* making some changes to my blog and trying to re-commit to regular blogging
* cutting out a dress I am sewing for a friend's daughter (in exchange for some babysitting)
* googling 'kids camping party ideas'
* meeting a lady about a job.  A volunteer job.
* slowly cooking chickpea stew for dinner

And now that my rest day is over, I'll pick up the big kids and get back to work.

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  1. Yay! Good to see you back blogging! Now to make it more of a regular thing hey! I'm gonna work up to including more pics in mine ... I think they really 'make' the blog but I can't always be bothered :(
    Gosh how cute is Erin looking these days! She might be walking by the time we get there ... incredible!
    Hope you enjoyed your day of doing 'nothing'!!!


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