Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The chickens and the eggs

wang wang and funi and charlie and lola
 flour + eggs = pasta

sugar + eggs = pamlova

sunday morning pancake making (before she broke her arm obviously)
In the beginning, the eggs were like precious gold.  We checked the nesting box hourly and celebrated each time we found a new treasure. We took turns collecting the eggs and carrying them delicately to the house.  We nearly cried if we dropped one and the time my clumsy fingers dropped a whole carton I really did cry.  We counted our bounty frequently and planned what we would do with each precious addition to the fridge.

And after a few months Wang Wang and Funi were laying two eggs for us every day.  We were so proud of our chooks and ourselves.   No bought eggs for me!  Because I have chooks in my own backyard.  And they eat our scraps and make us poo and give us eggs!  How clever are they?  How clever are we! 

We thought up new ways to use our eggs.  We started making pasta from scratch.  And added quiche to our weekly rotation.  And found a chocolate brownie recipe that used 6 eggs.  And I learnt to make pamlova (that's 3 year old speak for pavlova).  We enjoyed pancakes and eggs on toast for breakfast and egg soldiers for lunch.

But then Wang Wang became broody.  She stopped laying.  And Funi (we discovered later) was laying her eggs under the cubby house.  So we ran out of eggs.  And I became one of those people at the market I used to scoff at with a carton Rosie's eggs in their trolley. 

So we bought two new chooks.  Charlie and Lola.   And now they are laying two eggs for us every day.  And Wang Wang is no longer broody.  And Funi has figured out the nesting box is the best place for her eggs. So they are laying four eggs for us every day.  And when we check for eggs (once a day) we no longer celebrate.  We put our arms up in exasperation and say "Oh man, more eggs!" and haul them begrudgingly to the fridge and try to find a spot for them and exclaim "Quiche for dinner, again?"  


  1. Hilarious!
    So healthy and yum.
    Your are always baking anyway, so they do come in handy and save you money too. But eggs are easy to get sick of, it you are eating them almost every day. What a lovely problem to have!!

  2. Mmmmm - already looking forward to some quiche! And the brownies sound good too ;) Meeshell


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