Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Reclaim the night

I'm heading back to Brown Owls tonight after a long hiatus. Chris is too old and unfit for Wednesday night basketball which means I'm free to hang out with some of these crafty folk again. The types of crafty folk who can help me out with dropped stitches, yarn overs and moss stitch.
I've slowly progressed from being a scarf-only knitter to beanies and now - egad - my first sweater! This one is rated 'beginner.' I'm not a beginner. I've been knitting since I was 8, but for a very long time (20+ years), I never attempted anything harder than garter stitch scarves. So this is an exciting progression for me and I've become slightly obsessed with knitting (so much so that when the baby wakes up at 5am for a feed I get up to knit rather than going back to sleep).
My first jumper attempt is the Big Sister Sweater from 'The Expectant Knitter' in a lovely pink yarn for Abby. Holey moley I just used the word yarn. I must be a real knitter now. I'm aiming to finish by winter. Actually let me revise that. I'm aiming to finish. Who knows how long this knitting craze will last. Go me.
ETA - Nope didn't make it. Erin was feeling quite poorly after her 6 month old vaccinations so I stayed home and we had a bath together again.
Also. The pattern calls for ribbing not moss stitch. Turns out I don't know my 4 ply from my aran after all!

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