Friday, December 3, 2010

The best thing I've ever made

I'm taking a break from sewing because I'm sick of swearing at my sewing machine and I need a break from the the sweat shop that is my sewing room at this time of year. I'm making pyjamas and boxers and hats for the nephews and brothers in law and my sewing machine has decided today is a good day to play funny buggers. I BEG TO DIFFER. Today, with only 16 sewing days left 'til Christmas is NOT A GOOD DAY to play funny buggers. My unpicker and I, however, have become firm friends.

Instead here I am blogging. Blogging about the gorgeousness that is Abby's Christmas present. She doesn't have a name yet (I'm leaving that honour for the recipient) but she is quite delightful. I made her a few weeks ago (before my sewing machine became my worst enemy) which means creating her was an absolute joy. I normally prefer quick and easy sewing projects and this was long and somewhat tricky. Nevertheless I really enjoyed the step-by-step process of making her come to life. She only has one outfit so far (work clothes!) but Abby and I will make some more clothes for her during the holidays.
I'm so impressed (and somewhat surprised actually) with my handywork if I do say so myself. Her nose is a bit flat and the embroidery on her face is far from perfect but I don't think the new owner will mind. I'm just hoping she earns a place on the 'special shelf' in Abby's bedroom. She is made from Fiona's Poppy Doll pattern using doctor's flannel I purchsed via Ric Rac.
OK, time to see if my sewing machine is ready to play nice.
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