Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend sewing

A few weekends ago the planets aligned and I was left at home with just the baby for 4 whole days! It's funny how looking after a 3 month old now feels like a holiday for me. This was certainly not the case 5 years ago when Abby was a baby. This version actually sleeps. And this version doesn't require hours of patting and rocking in order to get to sleep. And this version can actually be placed in her bassinet without waking up and forcing me to repeat the rocking and patting shenanigans all over again. And by then I didn't know if the baby was grumpy because it was tired or grumpy because it was hungry and I would have to start all over again! All the while busting to use the loo and starving hungry because I had not been able to put the baby down to eat or pee! Ahhh the memories!

So anyway. Erin and I had a lovely quiet weekend together. Long baths, long walks,lots of quiet time, a movie date and for Erin lots of long sleeps. And while she slept, I sewed.

I sewed some pants for the walrus from Pip's new book Sew La Tea Do. These pants are a great fit and the pockets are perfect for carrying around cars and trains and dirt. Never mind that Daddy put them away in the 'pyjama' drawer.

Also for the walrus, a new hat. I used the bucket hat pattern found on the Simplicity website. Yes, the adult bucket hat pattern. He has a big head.
I have had 'beanbag' on my list of things to sew for eons. I finally found the perfect fabric (thanks IKEA) and used the 'fun-sized beanbag' pattern found in Kelly Doust's The Crafty Kid. I like the shape of the bean bag (it's like a pyramid) but it's pretty mini. It is too small for both my kids so we've been using it as a footrest until Erin grows into it. In a few more eons I might attempt a bigger version.

I made some other stuff too but I either haven't had a chance to wear it yet (c'mon warm weather) or it's yet to be gifted and still top secret (not that anyone reads my blog but you never know!)
And while Abby is at school, Rory is at nanna's and the baby is asleep -I'm off to sew!


  1. Fun blog! What did you think of Eat, Pray, Love? Glad to hear your time minus the hangers-on was lovely!


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