Sunday, September 26, 2010

Erin Hazel

Is here! She joined us 9 weeks ago at 6:15am on Monday 26th of July. 12 days late! But completely gorgeous and most definitely worth the wait.

She was born at home right here in the lounge room after a labor which started around midnight. My contractions went from 'oh this is fine I'm coping quite well and could be here for a while' to 'holy cow I need to push' within a few minutes and as a result we left it a bit late to call our midwife which meant Chris had the important job of catching! We also didn't have time to wake up Abby, but Rory (and his trains) were there.

Life with 3 is completely wonderful. I was expecting utter chaos and lots of crying (from everyone but mostly me) but it's been lovely. Although she looks just like her brother and sister, version 3.0 actually sleeps! And settles herself! Truly, it is miraculous and I'm very very thankful for such a delightful little being. I have even had time to sew! And blog! So stay tuned for updates...


  1. Congratulations and a lot of love for you all :-)

  2. She's just beautiful Gillian! Congratulations x x

  3. What a beautiful little girl. Great to hear how well everything is going.

  4. OMG you blogged! Love it! Miss you all! 70 days till cuddles with the kiddies! Tell Erin not to grow until then!

  5. Sounds like everything went perfectly. How gorgeous is she!! Congratulations to you and the whole family. xxxx

  6. Congratulations! Soooo cute! Makes me want more, so glad to hear that life as a family of 5 is not as utterly confronting as I am putting it down to be (for the meantime anyway)! Sophie


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