Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hello neglected blog

I didn't mean for my blog break to last 5 months but life got in the way. Holidays, parenting, house stuff, study and a small thing called a 'surprise' pregnancy (falling back in love with your husband will do that!). Initially I just felt too sick and tired to blog. Then I decided I needed to re-prioritise my life, stop reading so many blogs (I managed to narrow my list from about 100 daily reads to only 20) and start doing something 'productive' with the iota of me time I manage to score in a day.
And I have been productive...

I finished Chris' backgammon board (a Christmas present I finished in time for Easter)

...and J+E's wedding present

...and made Babs a superhero cape

...and some cushions for the couch

...and decked the kids out with some basic winter clothing (leggings, pants, trackies, skirts, pjs). Because that's why I started sewing in the first place - to save us money. Ha!

...and made good progress on Rory's quilt (I just need to do the binding)

My current project is this crochet blanket. My crochet skills are very basic and I could not even get my head around a ripple blanket pattern (I wanted to make something like this) so I'm just doing straight lines. Each row takes me about 1/2 an hour and I've calculated that if I do one row every day between now and when the baby is born it will be finished in time. So far so good and I'm loving the enforced sit-down-put-your-feet-up time.

no prizes for guessing the gender of baby #3!

So life has been good. But I do miss blogging. And I might be back here regularly but I might not. After all I'm having a baby in 10ish weeks and my iota of 'me' time will shrink to perhaps a few seconds a day (and that will be spent hiding in my bedroom!!).


  1. Hi Gilly! so glad you popped in here to update us! Thanks and Congrats. You sure have been productive! Am loving your cushions and good work on everything else, especial the kid's clothes.

  2. Hey Congrats! Now we know why we haven't seen you at Brown Owls. So glad it's all going well and good luck for 10 weeks time. x

  3. enjoyed your blog!!! -robyn

  4. hi, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..

  5. Hi Gillian, nice to see you back on the blog. Congratulations on your pregnancy!


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