Friday, December 3, 2010

The best thing I've ever made

I'm taking a break from sewing because I'm sick of swearing at my sewing machine and I need a break from the the sweat shop that is my sewing room at this time of year. I'm making pyjamas and boxers and hats for the nephews and brothers in law and my sewing machine has decided today is a good day to play funny buggers. I BEG TO DIFFER. Today, with only 16 sewing days left 'til Christmas is NOT A GOOD DAY to play funny buggers. My unpicker and I, however, have become firm friends.

Instead here I am blogging. Blogging about the gorgeousness that is Abby's Christmas present. She doesn't have a name yet (I'm leaving that honour for the recipient) but she is quite delightful. I made her a few weeks ago (before my sewing machine became my worst enemy) which means creating her was an absolute joy. I normally prefer quick and easy sewing projects and this was long and somewhat tricky. Nevertheless I really enjoyed the step-by-step process of making her come to life. She only has one outfit so far (work clothes!) but Abby and I will make some more clothes for her during the holidays.
I'm so impressed (and somewhat surprised actually) with my handywork if I do say so myself. Her nose is a bit flat and the embroidery on her face is far from perfect but I don't think the new owner will mind. I'm just hoping she earns a place on the 'special shelf' in Abby's bedroom. She is made from Fiona's Poppy Doll pattern using doctor's flannel I purchsed via Ric Rac.
OK, time to see if my sewing machine is ready to play nice.

Monday, November 22, 2010

At my house

At my house Erin and I are recovering from our excursion to see Dinosaurs Alive with 100+ excitable 5 year olds. Erin is sleeping and I have been flaked out on the couch watching Oprah, stuffing the Poppy Doll I am making Abby for Christmas and refuelling with a Bickfords Lime Cordial. Ahhh.

At my house Abby is making tooth wobbling a full time occupation! Last night I whipped up a tooth fairy cushion ready for the big event.

At my house it is very quiet because Rory is at his Nanna's.
At my house the cherries are ripening and for the first time in the 4 years since we moved in we are hoping to eat them before the birds do. We have netted some of the branches to make sure.

At my house the warm weather has arrived with gusto and we are all sporting pink noses after our day in the sun yesterday. We spent the morning at the kids market and the afternoon at the beach.

And I finally got to wear the new skirt I have been hanging out to show off. I just sewed together two squares of Amy Butler's Love fabric and shirred around the waist. I probably shouldn't be showing off those white legs yet but oh well.

At my house we are thinking about Christmas celebrations and presents and Abby's long summer break. Overseas and interstate visitors, camping at the beach, lunch with 30+ members of Chris' family and a plan to take the handmade pledge again this year.

At my house today I am wondering how to keep the chooks cool in this warm weather and what to do about a chook who won't get her butt of our eggs!

At my house this morning Abby re-created a scene from Sex and the City 2. Here are her glammed-up barbies riding camels. And no, she hasn't seen the movie.

At my house I'd better go and put tea in the slow cooker so it can slowly cook our chilli con carne.

Find out what's happening at other people's houses over at Lou's.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend sewing

A few weekends ago the planets aligned and I was left at home with just the baby for 4 whole days! It's funny how looking after a 3 month old now feels like a holiday for me. This was certainly not the case 5 years ago when Abby was a baby. This version actually sleeps. And this version doesn't require hours of patting and rocking in order to get to sleep. And this version can actually be placed in her bassinet without waking up and forcing me to repeat the rocking and patting shenanigans all over again. And by then I didn't know if the baby was grumpy because it was tired or grumpy because it was hungry and I would have to start all over again! All the while busting to use the loo and starving hungry because I had not been able to put the baby down to eat or pee! Ahhh the memories!

So anyway. Erin and I had a lovely quiet weekend together. Long baths, long walks,lots of quiet time, a movie date and for Erin lots of long sleeps. And while she slept, I sewed.

I sewed some pants for the walrus from Pip's new book Sew La Tea Do. These pants are a great fit and the pockets are perfect for carrying around cars and trains and dirt. Never mind that Daddy put them away in the 'pyjama' drawer.

Also for the walrus, a new hat. I used the bucket hat pattern found on the Simplicity website. Yes, the adult bucket hat pattern. He has a big head.
I have had 'beanbag' on my list of things to sew for eons. I finally found the perfect fabric (thanks IKEA) and used the 'fun-sized beanbag' pattern found in Kelly Doust's The Crafty Kid. I like the shape of the bean bag (it's like a pyramid) but it's pretty mini. It is too small for both my kids so we've been using it as a footrest until Erin grows into it. In a few more eons I might attempt a bigger version.

I made some other stuff too but I either haven't had a chance to wear it yet (c'mon warm weather) or it's yet to be gifted and still top secret (not that anyone reads my blog but you never know!)
And while Abby is at school, Rory is at nanna's and the baby is asleep -I'm off to sew!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sick day

I'm sick with tonsillitis but have been well enough to do a few rows of crochet and even a little bit of sewing. I even have a-sewing-needle-through-my-finger injury to show for it. I was rushing because I could hear Erin starting to wake up from her nap. OUCH! Lesson learned - don't rush!

My little sister is pregnant! And has requested a crochet baby blanket like this one I made for Erin. Trouble is, she doesn't know if she's having a boy or a girl so I'm making 2. This rainbow one is for a girl baby and is inspired by Tracey's. I'm very excited I get to be an auntie! And I'm very pleased to be handing on the baby making responsibilities to someone else in the family.

I finished my version of Soulemama's picnic blanket yesterday using the fat quarters I scored in the vintage sheet fat quarter swap. Just in time for sports day and perfect for outside tummy time.

Which, by the way, Erin gets very little of. I fail to understand why I would want to turn a perfectly happy baby into a perfectly unhappy baby within the space of a few seconds? I like my babies happy thanks very much and anyway apparently babies in cultures who get no tummy time start walking at the same time our babies start walking. And non-walking babies are much easier to locate anyway.

My illness has coincided nicely with the arrival of some new reading material and even some interesting day time tv. What a great book! And Pip is so normal. And nice. Like someone I would be friends with in real life except exponentially craftier. Which is quite inspiring really.

I also finished re-reading Dooce's book It Sucked and Then I Cried about her battle with PND. Last time I read it I had PND so it was nice to read it and laugh instead of read it and cry. Can I just say that again? NO PND! I can't quite believe it myself but I'm very thankful I get to enjoy this time with Erin and our family.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Erin Hazel

Is here! She joined us 9 weeks ago at 6:15am on Monday 26th of July. 12 days late! But completely gorgeous and most definitely worth the wait.

She was born at home right here in the lounge room after a labor which started around midnight. My contractions went from 'oh this is fine I'm coping quite well and could be here for a while' to 'holy cow I need to push' within a few minutes and as a result we left it a bit late to call our midwife which meant Chris had the important job of catching! We also didn't have time to wake up Abby, but Rory (and his trains) were there.

Life with 3 is completely wonderful. I was expecting utter chaos and lots of crying (from everyone but mostly me) but it's been lovely. Although she looks just like her brother and sister, version 3.0 actually sleeps! And settles herself! Truly, it is miraculous and I'm very very thankful for such a delightful little being. I have even had time to sew! And blog! So stay tuned for updates...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Procrastination Quilt

I made this quilt for a dear friend who is having a baby boy any day now. I was supposed to be using my child free time to write a 4000 word essay but the lure of my sewing room was too great. Thank goodness the semester is over now so I can sew guilt free and start thinking about having a baby of my own in 3 ish weeks. I am currently in panic mode as we've done nothing to prepare and, as my midwife quite rightly pointed out at my last appointment, the baby really could arrive any day now. The other two were late but you never know. Thankfully I've still got plenty of energy which is enabling me to 'nest' at warp speed.

I also made these door snakes to keep out the winter chill. They were easy to make - just long tubes of fabric filled with lentils and sewed closed at the end.

I was making good progress on the crochet baby blanket but realised it was slowly morphing into a trapezoid shape as I obviously wasn't starting a new row in the right spot. I seriously considered ditching the project altogether but faced it again last night after a few weeks break. I had to unravel about 2/3 of it. Argh! Now I have to do about 3 rows a day if I'm going to finish it in time!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hello neglected blog

I didn't mean for my blog break to last 5 months but life got in the way. Holidays, parenting, house stuff, study and a small thing called a 'surprise' pregnancy (falling back in love with your husband will do that!). Initially I just felt too sick and tired to blog. Then I decided I needed to re-prioritise my life, stop reading so many blogs (I managed to narrow my list from about 100 daily reads to only 20) and start doing something 'productive' with the iota of me time I manage to score in a day.
And I have been productive...

I finished Chris' backgammon board (a Christmas present I finished in time for Easter)

...and J+E's wedding present

...and made Babs a superhero cape

...and some cushions for the couch

...and decked the kids out with some basic winter clothing (leggings, pants, trackies, skirts, pjs). Because that's why I started sewing in the first place - to save us money. Ha!

...and made good progress on Rory's quilt (I just need to do the binding)

My current project is this crochet blanket. My crochet skills are very basic and I could not even get my head around a ripple blanket pattern (I wanted to make something like this) so I'm just doing straight lines. Each row takes me about 1/2 an hour and I've calculated that if I do one row every day between now and when the baby is born it will be finished in time. So far so good and I'm loving the enforced sit-down-put-your-feet-up time.

no prizes for guessing the gender of baby #3!

So life has been good. But I do miss blogging. And I might be back here regularly but I might not. After all I'm having a baby in 10ish weeks and my iota of 'me' time will shrink to perhaps a few seconds a day (and that will be spent hiding in my bedroom!!).

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