Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hooroo and Merry Christmas

We're going away and will be back before Christmas but only for long enough to re-stock the esky before we head off again.

Enjoy the festivities!

XX Gillybean

santa painting by Abby

Monday, December 14, 2009

5 minutes peace

The normally find me out here. But it takes them a bit longer so it is the one place I can go for five minutes peace. And when they find me they're happy exploring outside which means I can sneak back inside for a few more minutes peace.

The princess and the pea

Here is Abby's present before I wrap it and put it under the tree. Inspired by the one Soulemama made for her daughter.

I took a few shortcuts - I used a green glass bead for the pea and I didn't make the doll. I did make her nightie though and plan to upgrade her to a proper princess at some stage (post-Christmas definitely).

In other news, tragedy has befallen the gingerbread house. It collapsed under the weight of its own roof. Abby is refusing to believe that sometimes less is more - especially when it comes to lollies.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Amateur hour

Obviously I've never done this before. Obviously I put the 4 year old in charge of decorating.

Sugar-induced coma, anyone?

The gingerbread house kit was $10 from IKEA and the lollies were leftover from birthday cakes past.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pulling my thumb out

There's nothing like a looming Christmas deadline to cure my creative slump. Last year I took the handmade pledge and made gifts for everyone (except Uncle Jamie who is still waiting for his boxer shorts) but I'm feeling somewhat less ambitious this year.

After failing to find any suitable board short fabric (whales or pirates, honey?), I decided to make Chris the Backgammon board from the Meet Me at Mikes book. The stitching is on hold until our camping trip next week. I figure I might actually get some peace and quiet if I have a pointy needle in my hand.

The Walrus was getting a quilt for his big boy bed but that is destined to become a birthday present instead. I'm going to make him a cape like this one because he loves to dress up.

And Babs is finally getting her Princess and the Pea set. 4 mattresses down, 8 to go. I am also making her this memory game and maybe some clothes for her Cabbage Patch Kid. Maybe.

Minimalism is really working for me this year and I'm enjoying the no-fuss, no-stress build up to Christmas (and bookmarking lots of things for next year when I'm feeling more inspired!)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The flower girl

I can take full credit for the cute dress but not the cute flower girl - she was a team effort.
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