Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What's hot and what's not


* Walking through purple snow to pick up Babs from kindy. The jacaranda trees are in bloom!

* Evening beach visits

* Booking a holiday complete with 5 star beachside accommodation, pool, chef, babysitter, chauffeur and housekeeper (a holiday visiting my parents means mummy gets a holiday too - that is very hot).

* Growing potatoes - there's nothing easier (and they don't need much water). And harvesting them is like digging for treasure!

* The Adelaide Brown Owls who helped me master the art of crochet. And for my next trick maybe one of these (aiming for completion by Winter 2010).

* The Stitches & Craft Show is coming to Adelaide (about time!)

* The world map wallpaper we have planned for Rory's room .

* Mango season

* The book I am reading at the moment.

* These parents. They say parenting their 7 year old schizophrenic daughter is like caring for 100 children at a time. I can only imagine.

Not hot

* What's happening to homebirth in our country.

* Handsewing. I find it quite tedious.

* Wedding rehearsal in 40 degree heat in the afternoon sun. Not hot for little flowergirls-to-be.

* Wedding dress shopping with 40,000 other Adelaideans. Queueing for hours for a changeroom. Trying on 30+ dresses and coming home with nothing.

* Having a brainwave that I should just make the dress, stopping at Spotlight on the way home to buy the fabric, spending 3 hours sewing it and trying it on only to discover I look like a sack of potatoes. Again.

* Gastro. Not hot. But a mummy with gastro is better than kids with gastro. I think. Touch wood.

That was a long list. More hot and nots over here.


  1. I'm very excited too that Stitches & Craft is (finally) coming to Adelaide. And on my birthday too!

    Mmm, gastro: not hot 'specially in this weather. Good luck!

    Carolyn x

  2. Mango Season! So exciting. I am off to the market to buy a load tomorrow.

    Thanks for playing!


  3. I think it is much easier to be the one who is sick than dealing with kids OR partner who are feeling crappy. Still - not hot!
    Chele x

  4. Nice work on the crochet!

    My oh my S&C in Adelaide - Woo hoo!

  5. mmmm mangoes! I love them too!

    Yes Housework - that should be on my NOT list each week too :)

  6. Know what you mean about the heat! Phew, Sydney had it yesterday - but your lovely shot of the water makes me feel cooler already! Aren't the mangoes great so far this year? And thanks for your comments!


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