Tuesday, November 3, 2009

That's more like it

My knitting seems to be improving. Here is my latest dishcloth. Moss stitch. Probably shoulda used it to clean the sink before I took the photo.

If only my knitting had reached this level of impressiveness before I participated in the washcloth swap. The one I sent to Mands was, I'm afraid, rather ordinary. But the deadline was looming and I was already onto attempt #368 (or thereabouts). The pattern I used required some counting and concentration - something I have trouble with because I am very rarely in an environment where I can knit without distractions (this is why).

The ones I received from Liz were far from ordinary. They are lovely and even match our bathroom (she did some research!) Lucky me.


  1. Hey there, glad you want to sign up for the swap! I have paired you up with http://emilypickle.blogspot.com/
    Also, can you email me please I want to email you a link that you might like.


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