Saturday, November 21, 2009

My place and yours - A collection

A casual observer in our home might think we collect messy noisy children. Not so. We only have two of them.

There is something else that is threatening to take over our home.

The lounge room...

the kitchen...

my bedside table....

the artiste's residence...

her little brother's room....

my sewing room...

and every available door knob.

And that's not all! I also have 2 huge tubs filled with pictures I have saved and a kitchen bench covered in pictures I haven't edited (recycled) yet. Little Rory (not yet 2) has also started presenting me with masterpieces of his very own several times a day (today's effort was a car that looked like spaghetti). We might need to buy a bigger house. Or rent an art gallery.

More collections over at Mike's.


  1. It's a growing collection and a very valuable one. Lovely

  2. Oh beautiful! I love, love kids drawings!

  3. Hey, my sort of person. Go Abby!

  4. I find that stuff very hard to let go so at the moment I have a plastic crate in the shed and I moved the stuff still in good condition into every couple of weeks. What am I going to do when the crate is full? Probably buy another. :)

  5. Hi Gilly, I love that you have put lots of the pics in frames. Just to let you know that I will be posting your swap tomorrow. I hope you like it, Kate xxx


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