Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Clever stain removal

Most of my clothes are a patchwork of baby vomit, greasy finger, playgroup paint, red wine and cooking splatter stains. And sadly for the clothes it means they get automatically downgraded to workout wear (hey, I'm moving so fast people can't see the stains).

We use a garden-friendly 'eco' washing powder (I forget the name and I'm not getting off the couch to look) and the sun to clean our clothes but these methods seem to be failing me so I've invented a new stain removal technique. It is environmentally-friendly and is guaranteed to remove any kind of stain.

This is what you need to do -

* First, rescue your former favourite t-shirt from the workout wear pile.
* Then locate the stains on your garment. How big are the stains and how many are there?
* Next, go to your nearest op-shop and find the 'assorted random vintage lace, napkin and doily basket.' You may need to hunt for it as it is often in an obscure place.
* Pick out your favourites and pay the lady for your doilies and all the other things you didn't come for but are going home with you anyway.
* Take your lovely doilies home and wash them. Then iron some interfacing onto the reverse side (this step is optional but probably makes them easier to sew on).
* Next, play around with the doilies until you find an arrangement which hides all the stains and is also aesthetically pleasing.
* Then pin them on your t-shirt and sew away. I just go around and around in circles.
* Ta da! No more stains. It's like you're wearing a brand new top.

Now don't try and get fancy here and add any buttons because yikes! you will look like this.

Quick remove the buttons.

That's better. So pretty!


  1. Hee the button comment!

  2. I liked the buttons, no kidding.
    I wish I had such a creative mind as yours. I like everything you post on this blog :-) It is so nice.

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