Monday, October 26, 2009

A summary

Did you notice I disappeared for just about the whole month of September? Probably not. My Nan did though. Hi Nan! I was busy. Busy doing all the usual stuff. I just didn't blog about it.

*I did some more dyeing. This time some IKEA place mats and one of my old hats went from cream (bleurgh) to green (yeah!).

*I made a bag for my mum because she (and Dad) took Babs and the Walrus on a little holiday for four days. Hooray for grandparents! This tote is made from a thrifted IKEA cushion cover and some Sprout fabric for the handles.

* I made a Spring ruffle top but haven't taken any pictures yet.

* And we spruced up the house a little, starting with Abby's room.

The Ebay desk was painted by me with leftover paint from the kitchen and I found the $3 chair at the Op Shop! (She needed somewhere to do her kindy homework! Seriously!)

Oh and there was one more thing I did while I wasn't blogging. I fell back in love with my husband*. I've alluded before to the fact that things have been a bit rocky. Well, things got real rocky there for a while but it's all good again.

*Actually, he's not my husband. We're not married. We do have a house and two kids together though so it's kinda the same thing.


  1. Good for you, relationships can be hard sometimes and it's so lovely to hear you say something so romantic as falling in love again after being together for such a long time.
    Love the bedroom too, so pretty!

  2. Its not kinda the same thing ... it is the same thing just without the certificate! LOL I know what you mean. I'm in the same boat with my hubby. (not hubby lol ) I LOVE the desk and chair and you have given me some great ideas for sprucing up my lil ones rooms.

  3. God to hear things are on the up. It's a bugger when things are down. But super that they can get up again.

    I do like your super house decorating. BTW, loved the dress from previous post, specially with leggings.

    This is my take on the married thing: Me + Him - Wedding Extravaganza = Marriage!

    Carolyn x

  4. Sorry, didn't mean to be the voice of God. Of course meant to say, 'Good to hear...'



  5. Yay, I have been awaiting your return. Its great to see that your time away from blogland was so worthwhile. Hope to catch you soon.

  6. Hi gil,
    what a wonderful blog! I follow daily and was happy to see the photos of Abbie's bedroom and then to read all is going well with Chris, well i couldn't wipe the smile from my face. Well done and a hip-horray for your beautiful family.

  7. I love Abby's rooooom! it is so incredibly cute! She is lucky to have such a creative and caring mum like you! The flower girl dress is an extra special touch! I agree with Britta, I follow daily, so am pleased to see you back!
    Shell xxx

  8. Your daughters room is "GORGEOUS"! Drool... I thought my daughters room was pretty.
    I am very glad to read you are in love with your husband :)


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