Monday, October 26, 2009

Should I give up on the Anda dress?

So here is my finished prototype Anda dress (from Burda Style). The dress I am hoping to wear to a wedding next month.

Good things about this dress -
* it was quick and easy to sew
* it looks really lovely on everybody else
* it is super-comfortable
* it would like nice with a cardigan over the top (and I'm sure I'll be needing one!)

Horrid things about this dress -
* it looks like a hospital gown (I blame the fabric and for that I am blaming Chris)
* it is too big at the top (I will make a size smaller next time or try some pleats like this one)
* the fabric is too light and just hangs (I will pick something fancier and heavier)
* I look pregnant (but that seems to be unavoidable at the moment)
* it's frumpy. I don't like frumpy.
* I made it too short and I look boxy (a hemline below the knee would be better)

So what do you think, dear 4 readers of my blog, should I buy some fancy fabric and forge ahead or start searching for a different pattern to make?


  1. I really think you need a pattern with a lower waist line. I haven't looked at the Anda pattern, but I don't think it's quite right for your body type. I'd look for a lower waisted dress maybe.

    I've never made a dress from a pattern though, so I my vote should be ranked really low.

  2. I looked closely at the Anda pattern on the Burda site and I'm actually going to disagree with your post. It does not look good on everyone else. I think it looks pretty bad on anyone who isn't superthin. so maybe ignore my last opinion because I guess I just don't appreciate this dress style =/

  3. I find once I have fallen out of love with a pattern then that is it. Nothing I do, no alteration or change of fabric is going to bring back the love. I say start with a clean slate and hopefully get it all done before the wedding.

  4. I'd try something else too Gilly. Based on my own recent 'the pattern is lovely that dress looks great on everyone else' experience. I agree with Amy it doesn't look lovely on everyone.

  5. It's not you it's the dress! That style only looks good on people with no curves, it would rock on my 13 year old. You need something with a bit more shape. Figure out what you love about your body, what you want to show off and work from there! I have looked at that Anda too but I am just not going there.

  6. Have you looked at the coffee date dress - i have found it to be a really flattering style - loosish around the waist but still very flattering - it has been provided in all styles - very easy to make - trickiest part is arranging the frills - there is a picture of my completed dress on Bright Red Cherries - it wouls be good for a wedding - there is some grest cotton broiderie anglaise - little patterned holes in it - bacl it with another colour and it would look great - i am going for black witha bright colour behind it- hope you can understand my rambling - Cathy

  7. sorry i said styles and i meant sizes not styles Cathy


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