Saturday, October 24, 2009

My side of the bed

The theme this week is bedside.

Here is mine.
Here you will find tissues (I sneeze a lot), flowers collected by Abby, a photo of Abby as a baby in a frame given to me by my best friend, a book, a picture Abby drew, my hat collection in a basket and some magazines from the library.

More over here.


  1. I have tissues by my bed too, I sympathise with the sneezing!

  2. it nice and the teddy too!

  3. What a cosy corner you have there, my room is a dump sight, there's no way I could post a photo on my blog. Anyhow...if you still up for a swap I have posted details on my blog.

  4. Looks like a good place to rest your head! What a sweet ted.

  5. so nice to have sweet treasures by your bed as you snooze

  6. i guess it must be sooo nice to wake up with the light going through the shutters like this !


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