Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Losing control

Curse you MIL. Because of you, Rory refuses to wear the expensive supportive footwear I purchased for him and insists on wearing his spongey rubber Bob the Builder* sandals.

Curse you big sister. Because of you, Rory insists on accessorising with hair clips.

Curse you kindy friends**. Because of you, Abby thinks that kindy is a fashion parade and refuses to wear the sun-smart and already stained sensible clothing I put out for her each morning. Dear Abby, please concentrate more on learning trigonometry and less on looking beautiful. That's what kindy is for.

Curse you op shop lady. For displaying these toys at 21 month old eye level. Because of you I am $8 poorer and have two more plastic toys to trip over.

*Cartoon critters of the Bob, Dora, Wiggles, Iggle Piggle, Hi-5 variety are banned in this house (we don't watch it and absolutely won't purchase any paraphernalia). We allow tiny sprinklings of Olivia, Pepper and Lola because they are all a bit sassy. Roary is also allowed (because he has a cool name) and so is Thomas. But only in 8 minute increments and only because it keeps the walrus occupied when he wakes up at 5am. We still refuse to buy the merchandise though.

** I blame her kindy friends because the first thing they do upon arrival is 'compare outfits.' Sorry Mum, shorts just won't do.


  1. TRhat is really tough. Sometimes it is like fighting a losing battle but if you stay in control you will win. Cherrie

  2. I can't do all that Disney crap either! Dora is just awful isn't she, so obnoxious! I know how you feel, when outside influences start to creep in it takes some getting used to!

  3. Cute post, totally made me giggle. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, we can swap tips on shoulder injury remedies ;)


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