Saturday, October 31, 2009

My blogspot

Sometimes I sit on the couch and pat my little friend to sleep while I type

Sometimes I sit at the table with my good friends coffee and cake or
my best friends wine and choc

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

In my creative space this week...

I'm having fun making some placemats for the family wedding we're going to next month. I like making presents because it gives me a really good excuse to buy new fabric (present money comes from a whole separate budget) and oops, it looks like I might've over-ordered this time. Now how did that happen?

I'm making the flowergirl dress too but haven't yet found the courage to cut into the $50/m silk dupion fabric. Eek. I have measured the flowergirl though so at least I can tell the bride-to-be I've made a start when she asks how it's coming along. Technically I have. Buying the pattern is a start. Reading the pattern is a start.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Losing control

Curse you MIL. Because of you, Rory refuses to wear the expensive supportive footwear I purchased for him and insists on wearing his spongey rubber Bob the Builder* sandals.

Curse you big sister. Because of you, Rory insists on accessorising with hair clips.

Curse you kindy friends**. Because of you, Abby thinks that kindy is a fashion parade and refuses to wear the sun-smart and already stained sensible clothing I put out for her each morning. Dear Abby, please concentrate more on learning trigonometry and less on looking beautiful. That's what kindy is for.

Curse you op shop lady. For displaying these toys at 21 month old eye level. Because of you I am $8 poorer and have two more plastic toys to trip over.

*Cartoon critters of the Bob, Dora, Wiggles, Iggle Piggle, Hi-5 variety are banned in this house (we don't watch it and absolutely won't purchase any paraphernalia). We allow tiny sprinklings of Olivia, Pepper and Lola because they are all a bit sassy. Roary is also allowed (because he has a cool name) and so is Thomas. But only in 8 minute increments and only because it keeps the walrus occupied when he wakes up at 5am. We still refuse to buy the merchandise though.

** I blame her kindy friends because the first thing they do upon arrival is 'compare outfits.' Sorry Mum, shorts just won't do.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Masterchef Gilly

The Julie and Julia movie inspired me to be a bit more adventurous with my cooking and so I made dinner without a recipe. I'm an ok cook and I'm always happy to try new things but I've never cooked without a recipe before. I made a salad similar to the one I have eaten many times at a cafe I used to frequent (hello toy corner for kiddies!).

I just roasted the beetroot then pan-fried the haloumi and some mushrooms with lots of salt and pepper. Then I tossed it all together with some baby spinach and drizzled it with the leftover juices. With words like 'drizzled juices' I could just about write my own cookbook. Oh it was delicious. And I'm not even a salad person. I was just trying to use up some beetroots from our veggie patch.

The movie, by the way was great. If you love cooking, all things french and bloggy like I do you'll enjoy it too.

Monday, October 26, 2009

A summary

Did you notice I disappeared for just about the whole month of September? Probably not. My Nan did though. Hi Nan! I was busy. Busy doing all the usual stuff. I just didn't blog about it.

*I did some more dyeing. This time some IKEA place mats and one of my old hats went from cream (bleurgh) to green (yeah!).

*I made a bag for my mum because she (and Dad) took Babs and the Walrus on a little holiday for four days. Hooray for grandparents! This tote is made from a thrifted IKEA cushion cover and some Sprout fabric for the handles.

* I made a Spring ruffle top but haven't taken any pictures yet.

* And we spruced up the house a little, starting with Abby's room.

The Ebay desk was painted by me with leftover paint from the kitchen and I found the $3 chair at the Op Shop! (She needed somewhere to do her kindy homework! Seriously!)

Oh and there was one more thing I did while I wasn't blogging. I fell back in love with my husband*. I've alluded before to the fact that things have been a bit rocky. Well, things got real rocky there for a while but it's all good again.

*Actually, he's not my husband. We're not married. We do have a house and two kids together though so it's kinda the same thing.

Should I give up on the Anda dress?

So here is my finished prototype Anda dress (from Burda Style). The dress I am hoping to wear to a wedding next month.

Good things about this dress -
* it was quick and easy to sew
* it looks really lovely on everybody else
* it is super-comfortable
* it would like nice with a cardigan over the top (and I'm sure I'll be needing one!)

Horrid things about this dress -
* it looks like a hospital gown (I blame the fabric and for that I am blaming Chris)
* it is too big at the top (I will make a size smaller next time or try some pleats like this one)
* the fabric is too light and just hangs (I will pick something fancier and heavier)
* I look pregnant (but that seems to be unavoidable at the moment)
* it's frumpy. I don't like frumpy.
* I made it too short and I look boxy (a hemline below the knee would be better)

So what do you think, dear 4 readers of my blog, should I buy some fancy fabric and forge ahead or start searching for a different pattern to make?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Is this what you had in mind, Shell?

Babycino and banana cake in the backyard.
Miss you too Shell! (My sister who is living in Dubai at the moment).

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My side of the bed

The theme this week is bedside.

Here is mine.
Here you will find tissues (I sneeze a lot), flowers collected by Abby, a photo of Abby as a baby in a frame given to me by my best friend, a book, a picture Abby drew, my hat collection in a basket and some magazines from the library.

More over here.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Creative Space

Assembly-line buckets

A new-from-old decoration for my sewing room. A shop shop (Rory's word for Op Shop) pillowcase in a shop shop embroidery hoop.

And a dress I started to make using this pattern from Burda Style. I have abandoned it for now because it is looking very much like a hospital gown and that's not really the look I was going for. This is the practice run for a dress I was hoping to make to wear to my BIL's wedding but now I think it's back to the drawing board (or Marion maybe?).

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

27 degrees and sunny

(me in another pair of these fisherman pants)

I think this bird had a pretty good day too!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Fortunately there is a little old lady who lives down the road who gives us her excess lemons while we patiently wait for a our lemon tree to produce a more substantial quantity of lemons. 2 is not substantial. Nor is 1. Things are looking more promising for this year (I reckon there might be 20 little lemons in the making) provided Rory doesn't practice his throwing with them.

We painted them (as you do), and used a few for cleaning (they make sinks sparkle!), and ate pancakes and yummy salmon and with the rest we made lemon cordial. I gave up waiting for cordial drinking weather (ie more than 17 degrees. Hello it's OCTOBER) because the lemons were starting to turn brown. Thankfully the cordial-drinking weather has now arrived. Not that I'm one to complain about the weather. Much. Only when making conversation with the checkout chick and the baker and the postie and mums at the park...

This cordial is lovely and refreshing and comes from Pam who is like the Adelaide version of Rhonda. I went to her 'Old-Time Kitchen Skills' workshop last year.

Lemon Cordial
Place the following in a large basin: juice of 12 lemons, rind of 8 lemons, 75g citric acid, 1.75 litres of boiling water and 2-3 kg of sugar (2 was plenty!). Stir until sugar has dissolved. Pour into bottles ready for use. Dilute with water and ice.

On my shelf

I do love having a sticky beak at other people's homes and I'm loving all the shelves people have been sharing at Meet Me at Mikes. Here is mine (Rory's actually).
From left to right - Badskirt hippo, framed scraps of car and dinosaur fabric, op shop wooden cars, framed page from the 'Where is the Green Sheep' book he destroyed with love, my Umbrella Prints Nimbus, a bunny toy, a portrait of Rory done by his big sister, a photo of the chubby bubby himself on the swing. a little dinosaur painted by my friend Britta and a pillow globe I bought (and squeezed into my suitcase) in London. The prints above the shelf are from Ikea.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lounge pants

It's hard to know where the bed ends and I begin.
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