Monday, September 14, 2009

I need to sew...

From now until something-else-comes-along-that-I-absolutely-must-sew-right-now-fend-for-yourselves-children I will be sewing things we actually need. You know things like pyjamas that actually fit my children, and something to store all those hair ties in, and maybe a pot-holder or two. Essential items that I've refrained from buying because I adopted an 'if I can make it why would I buy it' philosophy a few months ago. Trouble is I never seem to get around to making said essential items and so the kids' ankles freeze.

I started with a fabric bucket to store Abby's clips and hair ties. I've made one of these before using Jodie's fabulous tutorial.
...and some cushions for the boudoir. The fancy patchwork one is from the front of a quilt I found at the Op-Shop. I hacked into this one because although the hexagons are lovely, some other quilter with shocking taste must've taken over the project and unfortunately things did not end well for the poor hexagons.

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  1. Oh yes the need based creating ... that gets a little neglected here too ( remember the library bag! LOL )


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