Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Give and ye shall receive

I'm a big believer in op-shop karma and it happened again today. I dropped off a big box of stuff and a bag of clothes and thought 'well I'd better just pop in and have a look around while I'm here' even though I was there late last week and came home with nothing.

Today I found a lovely skirt for me (brand new "SASS" brand which I've never heard of but I'll pretend it's Sass & Bide), a tunic top (oh how I love my tunic tops at the moment), a little dress for the babmeister and 7 balls of cotton yarn in a lovely aqua colour.

I'll be making sure I offload more of our unwanted stuff before the tour so I have plenty of karma in the bank.

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  1. oooh good scores! LOVE the green top, I'm jealous - and the skirt!
    Don't you just love opp shopping


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