Sunday, September 27, 2009

Friday Fun Day

Friday is our kindy free day which means we make a special effort to do something fun because I know that in less than a year there will be BIGFATZERO spare days to do fun things and goodness knows I'm not ready for that. I am, however, glad that the good-lord-how-are-we-going-to-fill-in-yet-another-day days are in my past.

This Friday was not so fun with sick kids, cold rainy weather and lots of errands to run. But last Friday, well last Friday we went to the beach! Here's hoping the holidays bring us two whole weeks of 18/09/09s.

And look! Someone's been knitting down at the bay. But who? And why? What's the story here.

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  1. Ahh the knit graffiti artists strike again! Was it you??


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