Sunday, September 27, 2009

The 'don't ask me if I'm pregnant because it's embarassing for both of us'' dress

It happened twice when I wore this dress yesterday. But I kinda don't blame them after looking at the photos. I think I got the idea for this dress from here. I'm planning to make a few more because I've heard the baby bump look is in this summer.


  1. I love your blog gilly! You give such a good insight into the goings on! Nice dress btw, very versatile for the seasons!
    Shell xx

  2. LOL! So sorry but the moment I saw the picture I thought the same thing! Maybe it's the colour? Pale colours can be very unforgiving. Very funny post xox

  3. That's funny! I wore a really lose fitting top to the shops a little while ago and was asked if there was a baby on the way...I was horrified...I just walked away!


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