Monday, August 24, 2009

Seasonally optimistic

Last week we had some sunny days with temperatures in the mid 20s so last night before I went to bed (and without checking the weather forecast) I selected this outfit:
Jeans, my new top, and birkenstocks.

Maybe not. It's 15, windy and rainy today so instead I'm wearing boots, tights, skirt, coat and even a scarf to the Playschool concert.

I made the blouse using Simplicity 4589 (again) and the fabric is Amy Butler (although I didn't realise that when I bought it. It doesn't seem to be anything like her others.)


  1. Our ritual for the last couple of weeks has been to check the weather channel just before we go to bed. This weather is so uncommon for Adelaide - its what I would expect in Melbourne! But never mind, soon enough it will be endlessly and unbearably hot. :)

  2. LOL Gillian, I often do that here too, not yet though .. give it a few weeks. LOL

  3. I am absolutely hanging for summer, we have had some crazy hot days here but today was cold windy and raining...too strange. I really like the look of your top!


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