Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Saying 'no' to the kindy uniform

Because it makes me feel good to know she is going to kindy wrapped up in a little piece of love. And because they don't have to wear a uniform to kindy anyway. And the uniform is actually quite hideous. And because, quite frankly, I don't want her to look like everyone else. And because it's ok to be different, in fact it should be celebrated. And if the kids laughed at you because you had chopped up raw capsicum in your lunchbox (ok that is a little weird) don't worry because everyone likes different things and if you like capsicum that's all that matters.

The buttons are from Badskirt. And the dress pattern is 1970s from the Op-Shop except I made it way shorter (just below her bottom) so she can still climb and jump and swing and scoot and cycle. The fabric was $2 from the remnants bin at Lincraft.


  1. I wish my kid was a little nerd too :)

  2. I was a little nerd, and to be honest I think i may still be in many ways :D

    Start them early and it'll make them a stronger better person when theyr adults (i'm SO glad my parents said NO to BubbleGum, The Simpsons, brand names, fast food and plastic toys) Quality values!

  3. There isnt a uniform at my child's kindergarten either but when I showed up I thought whats up with everyone owning a massive spiderman or Dora backpack? did I miss that newsletter?!x

  4. I love the dress and I think you're right differences should be celebrated. When I checked out the local childcare yesterday the kids looked like little clones in their cartoon characted outfits. Alex was in a white singlet top and denim jeans and looked like a 1950s jailbird, I loved it.xo

  5. Hey Gillybean, my kidlet loves capsicum in her lunchbox too. Rock on, kids of Gilly's.

  6. cute, cute, cute! LOVE the buttons.


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